Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I have noticed that the Wilmington Red Star has come to the defense of Sid Causey. Did they ask themselves one simple question regarding Causey's trip to Tampa? Did they ask, Why would the Commander of a 29 person drug squad and his second in command travel to Tampa, unannounced, to pick up a defendant (Karpman) and transport him personally back to Wilmington? There are 2 or 3 private contractors that transport defendants. There is the US Marshall's Office, that transports defendants. There are two NH County Deputies that do nothing but transport defendants. Why would Puley and Causey both drive the 12 hours down to Tampa and the 12 hours back just to pick up a drug trafficker from jail and transport him to jail in Wilmington. Just weeks prior they shipped one guy from Tampa via the US Marshall's Service.

That in itself is a bit fishy isn't it?

You will notice (scroll to the bottom) in the phone interview with Det. Robinson of Tampa P.D., that he said that he believed Causey had the intention of bonding (notice he did not say taking custody of, but bonding) Karpman out of jail.

When asked:

INTERVIEWER:What were they going to do with the defendant? Leave him there?

ROBINSON: No, bring him up, they were going to transport him too, which I know was a lie, the previous defendant was extradited, they took him through the Marshall service on the ten day route by bus to get him there, Causey's goin to take this guy back in his car???

It seems that Detective Robinson was suggesting that Causey was going to release Karpman from jail and not take him to Wilmington but set him free.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

This post is a front page article in the October 11th edition of the Wilmington Journal (www.wilmingtonjournal.com)

He (Benson) contended, “We fought this; we won; we were vindicated…”

However, Benson said despite the fact that he prevailed, there are “people biting at my heels”. This he feels is an effort to distract him from being a public servant. He believes, “There are people who do not want me to win this election.”

And he accuses some of “abusing authority by badge and gun” in an attempt to make sure he won’t take the seat as sheriff. He pledged that if he won the election, he would bring “professionalism” back to the department.

Benson and his supporters believe that the attack on his character is retaliation for an e-mail that was forwarded to at least 500 e-mail addresses, some time ago. The 12-page document, which was sent to The Journal as well, blasts Causey for allegedly running a corrupt campaign, as well as it accuses him of participating in illegal activity in Tampa, Florida.

Although Benson stated that he believes there is some truth to the claims, he insisted that he and his supporters had nothing to do with the e-mail. (The Wilmington Journal was able to confirm with Detective Wayne Robinson of the Tampa Police Department that the e-mail does contain some true statements in a case involving both ecstasy and cocaine and $79,000. Robinson also stated that he had received numerous inquiries from Wilmington as a result of his phone number being released in the e-mail. He also stated that he was given the address of the website that contains the information in the e-mail which has given him the opportunity to review the contents of the e-mail.)

by Johanna Thatch
The Wilmington Journal
Originally posted 10/11/2002

--Candidate's personnel files are released while Democratic party chair appears on tv and accuses Benson of untruths

It is certainly not a “newsflash” nor is it “front page news” that the prevalent attitude toward the media in the African American community is often times negative. Neither is it a secret that some African Americans believe that the mainstream media often reports one-sided stories, delivering the news with favor and bias.

And perhaps it did not surprise many on Wednesday afternoon when New Hanover County Sheriff candidate Marc Benson echoed the same feelings during a press conference. His reaction was in response to a local news station, which aired a news release faxed to various local media.

Benson said that on Tuesday, October 9, Chairperson of the NHC Democratic Party Gary Shipman disclosed to the press paperwork from his personnel file and included the statement, “Mr. Benson is simply not being truthful with the public when he says he resigned from the Sheriff’s Department. It’s time that he come clean about the allegations against him while he as employed with the Sheriff’s Department, and consent to a release of his personnel file so that the public has an opportunity to assess whether he is worthy of being the Sheriff of this county.”

The statement continued, “To do anything less would be to perpetuate the cloud of suspicion that continues to hang over him.”
But Benson contends that the cloud will never disappear until his opposition “lets it die”. As a matter of fact, he deemed what some may have considered the top story, merely “old news”.

Trying his best to bottle his emotions, Benson explained that he and his family have fought a 5-year battle, struggling to uphold his character. Reviewing a packet filled with impressive evaluations and reference letters, he read aloud Shipman’s press release, which detailed the incident that Benson said has haunted him for half a decade.

The news release, which challenges Benson to “come clean”, alleges that in 1997, Benson “applied for and was reimbursed private car mileage costs in the amount of $750.88” after he was provided a county-owned vehicle in order to travel to Durham County to witness a murder trial which involved a young victim who was from Wilmington. According to Shipman’s statement, Benson was ordered to repay the monies and was later suspended for two days without pay. He was then transferred to another division, where he was once again suspended and ordered to report to the then Sheriff Joseph McQueen. Shipman alleged that Benson failed to report to the Sheriff and was therefore terminated.

However, Benson gave another version of the ongoing drama, supporting his claims with documents that clearly state not only that he resigned, but also that he left “in good standing”. Both were signed by now Sheriff Joseph Lanier.

Aside from the issue of mudslinging, Benson voiced his concerns about the “desperate measures” that were taken to disseminate personal information about his work history in the sheriff’s department. He accused conspirers of stooping to “criminal conduct” as a last resort to see his Democratic opponent Sid Causey win the seat as New Hanover County’s next sheriff. Nathan Johnson, who lost in the primary elections for sheriff, upheld the conspiracy theory, stating that he worked in personnel for 12 years, and always knew the files to be “under lock and key”. It his belief that a member of staff released the documents.

Prior to the news conference, the assistant attorney for the county, Kemp Burpeau told The Wilmington Journal that there are three legitimate ways that a New Hanover County employee’s files can be released. The first being with permission from the employee.

Secondly, the file can be released by the county, according to Statute 153A-98, if the county manager, with concurrence of the Board of county commissioners, determines, in writing, that the release is essential to maintaining public confidence in the administration of county services…. This written determination shall be retained in the office of the manager or the county clerk.…”

Thirdly, the file can be obtained through the courts. In Benson’s case, according to Burpeau, the file could have been obtained through the federal district court (where his case was filed), but not if the judge ordered the file to be sealed. (Benson’s campaign comfirmed to The Journal that his records were ordered to be sealed.)

Benson affirmed that North Carolina statutes 163-274 and 153A-98 were violated when his personnel records were dispersed and released to the news media. 163-274 reads, “…It shall be unlawful for any person to publish or cause to be circulated derogatory reports with reference to any candidate in any primary or election, knowing such report to be false or in reckless disregard of is truth or falsity, when such report is calculated or intended to affect the chances of such candidate for nomination or election.”

He expressed, “Someone may have intentionally violated my rights to privacy by stealing from my personnel file documents and using those documents to hurt my chances of running a successful campaign for Sheriff.”

Benson continued, “[A] Person or persons, media included, have quickly taken what is unproven and wrong to be truth and fact, and stated in public, facts that they have not investigated or proven to be true…”

In fact, he accused some sources of the news media of printing negative information about him but rarely placing a “camera, microphone, a pen or a pad” in front of Causey, who he claims has been no angel himself.

He also expressed that a local news station reported the story without soliciting his response when he in fact, won a wrongful termination lawsuit filed in 1998, and that he settled for an award of $215,000. He further explained that when the case was settled, it was decided that his personnel file would indicate that he “resigned in good standing”. He described the series of events in the legal battle as going “back to the future”.

He contended, “We fought this; we won; we were vindicated…”

However, Benson said despite the fact that he prevailed, there are “people biting at my heels”. This he feels is an effort to distract him from being a public servant. He believes, “There are people who do not want me to win this election.”

And he accuses some of “abusing authority by badge and gun” in an attempt to make sure he won’t take the seat as sheriff. He pledged that if he won the election, he would bring “professionalism” back to the department.

Benson and his supporters believe that the attack on his character is retaliation for an e-mail that was forwarded to at least 500 e-mail addresses, some time ago. The 12-page document, which was sent to The Journal as well, blasts Causey for allegedly running a corrupt campaign, as well as it accuses him of participating in illegal activity in Tampa, Florida.

Although Benson stated that he believes there is some truth to the claims, he insisted that he and his supporters had nothing to do with the e-mail. (The Wilmington Journal was able to confirm with Detective Wayne Robinson of the Tampa Police Department that the e-mail does contain some true statements in a case involving both ecstasy and cocaine and $79,000. Robinson also stated that he had received numerous inquiries from Wilmington as a result of his phone number being released in the e-mail. He also stated that he was given the address of the website that contains the information in the e-mail which has given him the opportunity to review the contents of the e-mail.)

Benson stated that in the meantime, he will “step out on faith”. He hopes that the SBI investigation that has been requested by District Attorney John Carriker will result in the prosecution of the perpetrator who is responsible for leaking the information from his personnel file.

He declared, “We’re going to try to put this thing to rest, where it should be, where it should have been a long tome ago…”

Friday, September 27, 2002

None of the following post are by Sid Causey. Some of you have mistakenly thought so, please excuse the confusion.

Also the information below came from sidcauseyforsheriff@hotmail.com, any comments or questions should be addressed to that email address.

I'd like to see the following questions answered:

1. How did Sid Causey know, and not the Tampa Police or the DEA, that the drug trafficker had money in the bank?

Jonathan Karpman immediately cooperated with the DEA and Tampa police after his arrest. In fact it was the day after his arrest that he sent them back to his house to recover more drugs and a shoe box filled with $13,000 hidden in a closet behind a hot water heater. (The previous day's search failed to turn up those items.) Karpman cooperates to this extent yet he failed to tell them about the money ($79,000) he had hidden away in a safe deposit box.

2. What legal reason's would Causey have in taking Karpman from jail and taking possession of the $79,000 he had stashed away in the bank without notifying local law enforcement?

When a State law enforcement officer travels out of state he does not have the authority to arrest and seize property as he would in his own state. he is out of his jurisdiction. When a law enforcement officer travels to another state for investigative purposes or for arrests he calls ahead and has a sworn officer of the state accompany him. Otherwise his actions could be illegal. He would be, technically, impersonating an officer. Basically, while out of State, his badge is for ID purposes rather than a symbol of authority. Only the federal government officers (DEA,FBI,Customs etc.) can travel and have powers of arrest in any state in the union.

3. Had Causey taken the money with him back to North Carolina what would he have done with it?

Would he have reported it as income to the IRS? Did he intend to turn it over to the county as seized property even though Tampa, DEA and the IRS had a claim to it or any other assets found there in Tampa as a result of the investigation. Would he have given it to Karpman's lawyer as it is said he was going to do?

4. Who made the initial contact between Karpman and Causey? How did that conversation take place?

Did Karpman's attorney really call Causey and ask him to free Karpman from jail and bring back $79,000 from a safe deposit box? Certainly someone called Causey to tell him about the money. How else would he have known about it and the DEA didn't? So who initiated it? And what was promised?

5. If Causey would have been arrested for conspiring to abscond with a drug traffickers money, taking a prisoner from jail under false pretenses, and possession of drugs (10 ounces of cocaine taken from Dustin Snider) would that effect the conviction of the trafficker Karpman and his associates? Would it allow defense attorneys the right to retry their cases, any cases where Causey was a member of the arrest team?

Larry Huffstickler, a drug squad member of the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department, was recently fired for having tested positive and admitting to ingesting marijuana. Many of Huffstickler's cases are now being thrown out of court because of his firing. He was not arrested, he has a clean criminal record but he admitted that he smoked marijuana and that was cause enough to throw out many of his cases.

6. Why isn't anyone doing anything about this? If it is true why isn't he fired much less arrested?

Certainly people, particularly people of dispassionate political judgment, are not willing to cast the first stone. The facts are simply that he did attempt to loot the drug traffickers money, that it is still under the investigation of the justice department and that many people have talked to authorities in Tampa and with-in the Federal Government and found all this to be true. So why won't they do anything? Is it because should Causey be indicted for this, many drug arrests would be thrown out of court, including all the arrests for Operation Xterminator?

Why isn't this news? Why is Karpman free? Why were the charges against him dismissed? People just don't care!

This report is about the covert use of coersion and fear through an acquisition of power for political and personal gain.

Bad cops are an effective tool of corrupt police tactics. The beauty of the bad cop being unaccountable is the implication that law enforcement is perhaps above the law and corrupt police tactics are not to be questioned.

The function of this tactic is consolidation of power. Bringing favor to the few in charge.

The point I am trying to make is that bad cops are an essential element
of corrupt policies. A corrupt system is responsible for this mess and not
the other way around. Sid Causey is a product of the system, they turned a blind eye, they encourage him, and now they want him to be Sheriff. It is hard to say whether corruption starts at the top or works its way up the chain of command. We can look at the facts and make our own determinations from those facts.

Bad cops enforce corrupt policies.

That's the bottom line.

I know that not only will I encourage others to read the following report but I will voice my opinion at the polls.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

report regarding CORRUPTION, paragraphs 1&2 the bribery, 3-25 regarding TAMPA

1. The first negative issue in the campaign to elect Sid Causey Sheriff was the
BRIBERY incident back in March, Sid admitted that he offered the other two
fellow democrat candidates running against him a position in his administration
if they were to drop out of contention and support Causey for Sheriff.
(Wilmington Star News; March 12, 2002 1A Turnbull) When he offered the bribe
(position of second in command) to NATHAN JOHNSON he was on duty with-in his
office at the Sheriff's department. Johnson rejected the offer and later
reported it to proper authorities. Soon after Causey offered JAMES SMYRE a job
with-in the vice and narcotic's division. Causey went to Smyre's home driving a
County vehicle while on County time. He says he went as a response to a request
from "leader" of the black community Rep. Thomas Wright. Smyre also rejected
the offer. It might be noted that Wright received a $500 campaign contribution
from Causey in May. As a result of an investigation by the North Carolina Board
of Elections the matter was passed to the District's Attorney's Office. The
Board of Elections Report by investigator MELISSA BARBOUR dated April 17, 2002
found that the position of Chief Deputy was in fact a political appointment and
by offering a position of political appointment for return of a favor violates
the election laws of the State as per Jenkins V. Medford 119 F.3rd 1156 (4th
Cir. 1997). In a letter dated April 23, 2002 from GARY BARTLETT (director of the
State Board of Elections),there is no mention of the State finding no criminal
violation, in fact the letter differs dramatically from another letter dated
April 30, 2002 which contradicts itself in favor of Causey. The April 23 letter
was never released to the public and if it would have been released at the time
of the public interest it may have lead to an investigation by an independent
counsel. Instead the matter was officially dismissed by the State Board of
Elections via a second different letter finding no reason to prosecute (since
when is the board of elections an agency or organization with powers of arrest
or prosecution in the first place?) As you remember District Attorney JOHN
CARRIKER refused to investigate the complaint (a violation of NCGS 163-274 (9)
which states that it is a Class II misdemeanor for anyone running in a state
primary or general election "to give or promise, in return for political support
or influence, any political appointment or support for political office) and
with the party's blessing the matter was iniquitously dropped .

2. Causey reluctantly admitted to the charges of offering positions of favor in
response to the offer of the two to withdraw from the Sheriff's race and support
him as Sheriff. Though quick to dismiss it as a Christian act of friendship
rather than a conspicuous attempt at corrupting the electoral process. The
Democrats' recently appointed Sheriff "Lame Duck" LANIER was quoted in the
Wilmington Star News expressing the sentiment of the majority of DIXIE DEMOCRATS
"Obviously, I don't agree with that particular statue. The statute (i.e.. law)
exists and many people don't know about it, and it's an obscure statute (i.e..
law), apparently, since so many people were unaware of it. And I wouldn't
describe it as a bribe. If you are talking to friends and you say, 'How 'bout
making it easier on me?' that's not a bribe, I don't think." And local champion
of the city/county consolidation reform and Democratic Party Chairman GARY
SHIPMAN did his part in hushed tones and magic, that only a highly paid
barrister and Napolianic shyster can pull off, to see to it that the apple cart
wasn't overturned over a "petty" scandal during the critical State election to
fill a Senate seat vacated by the conservative Republican patriarch Jesse Helms.
For the good of the many we suffer the few. Luckily for all those lawyers and
land developers (and those rumored to been the benefit of a wink and a nod by
Causey for their own indiscretions) who had already dumped over 50 thousand
dollars in the Causey for Sheriff campaign it all came together so peacefully
and the corruption went unnoticed.

3. But don't turn that dial there is ANOTHER SCANDAL. One that will require the
treasury of the campaign to take a serious hit and those that supply it to
rethink their support.

4. This new scandal involves another CORRUPTION CHARGE involving Mr. Causey by
the Tampa, Florida Police Department, the DEA, and the FBI. All with their sites
fixed on Maj. Causey. Oh my, this will definitely be a lot harder to shake. This
my friends is the pit bull of scandals, it has teeth and it involves drugs and
money and shame.

5. As you will see by reading the following accounts the evidence is
overwhelming and will be hard to dispute. There will be contact numbers and
documents that you will be able to use to verify the facts in this report. It
won't be hard to piece it together and come to a conclusion as I have that there
needs to be a GRAND JURY set up to investigate Sid Causey's attempt to
obstreperously walk away with a drug dealer's money.

6. You may recall the recent arrests and press regarding the military's
investigation of Wilmington's drug activity in some of the downtown night clubs
and the involvement of some of the marines stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. A
Naval Criminal Investigative Services two-year investigation, code named
OPERATION XTERMINATOR which began in February 2000, (most of the 84 Marines
arrested are now serving 3 -15 years in prison) after Camp Lejeune officials
were alerted that a large number of service members were frequenting clubs in
Wilmington, NC., where they reported in national press that designer drugs were
prevalent, this according to a statement released by the Camp Lejeune public
affairs office.

7. The DRUGS involved were ecstasy, cocaine, LSD and methamphetamine, Marine
Corps officials said.

8. The operation included 105 separate investigations and ended June 19, 2002
leaving Wilmington with a national reputation as a haven for designer drug users
and what should be great SHAME to those community leaders that put trust and
faith in our local efforts to stem the tide of drug activity here in our quiet
little town.

9. It was the arrest on May 22, 2000 of STEVEN LYNN DAVIS, 21 (USMC) and the
subsequent interviews by Special Agent T. NYCZ, Naval Criminal Investigative
Services that Davis' gave up the name of his drug source, a Tampa, Florida
resident named MARCUS CLAPPER, 26 This information was passed on to Detectives
BRIAN WARRELMAN and D. TAFT of the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department and
an investigation began into the where-abouts of Mr. Clapper.

10. The investigation led to talks on June 1, 2000 with Detectives W. ROBINSON
and Detective R. DEPERTE of the Tampa, Florida Police Department. Clapper was
located in Tampa. Detectives from North Carolina immediately go to Tampa to
arrest Clapper.

11. Marcus Clapper is EXTRADITED to Wilmington on charges of conspiracy to
traffic in MDMA (ecstasy) in violation of NCGS 90-98.

12. Prior to being his being arrested in Tampa, Clapper gave a friend, DUSTIN
SNIDER, 26 a bookbag containing a large amount of cocaine and some ecstasy
pills. This bag was held in secret at Snider's girlfriend, Jennifer Perez's
apartment in Tampa. Clapper had heard of the arrest of some of the Marines he
dealt with in Wilmington. Marines who had come to Tampa before, in rental cars
provided by Snider, to purchase and transport drugs back to North Carolina. It
was those arrests that gave Clapper a suspicion that he would soon be arrested,
so he chose to hide his drugs with Snider rather than hold onto them. When
Clapper's house was searched no drugs were found yet he was arrested anyway
based on interviews and investigation of the cooperating witness Steven Davis of
the Marine Corps.

13. Clapper, like Davis before him, gave Detective Warrelman the name of the man
he buys drugs from in Tampa. He named JONATHAN KARPMAN, 23 as his supplier.
Karpman who is the college educated son of Daniel Karpman, a prominent attorney
practicing in Springfield, MA and Lynda a MSW therapist both residing in
Longmeadow, MA.

14. This new development now interests the then Captain SID CAUSEY and
Lieutenant GENE PULLEY and attention on locating and arresting Karpman becomes
paramount. The drug agents obtained a warrant for the arrest Karpman for
conspiracy to traffic in MDMA and traveled to Tampa. On June 28th Causey and
Pulley travel with Det. Warrelman and Taft along with prisoner/ cooperating
defendant Clapper to identify and set-up Karpman.

15. At 9AM the morning of the 28th, Causey alone with Clapper drove to meet with
Clapper's friend Dustin Snider to obtain possession of the bookbag full of
drugs. Clapper had told the drug agents about the bag he left with his college
buddy Snider and they had plans to use it to trap Karpman. When the bookbag
containing the drugs were picked up they were then taken back to the MOTEL where
the drug agents had set up their "command post". Oddly out of normal procedure
it wasn't until 1:30PM that Detectives from the Tampa Police were notified of
the New Hanover County Sheriff's Detectives plan to go after Karpman much less
their already having had arrived in Tampa. They met with the New Hanover County
agents at the motel room command center to discuss the New Hanover County drug
agent's plan to trap Karpman. Then as a total surprise to the Tampa agents
Causey has Warrelman hand over the bookbag full of drugs. The totally unexpected
bag of drugs contained over 8 ounces (or $20,000 worth) of cocaine and some
several hundred pills of ecstasy ($20 each @ retail) and a few (2-3 grams)
crumbs of marijuana residue that were turned over to Detective Robinson of the
TPD. The money that Snider, much later, had reported as seeing, much earlier,
inside the bag, was missing, Clapper nor anyone else mentioned this to anyone at
the time of the bags delivery to Robinson.

16. The PLAN to get Karpman that night called for the enlistment of Clapper's
girlfriend MICHELE SHERIDAN to contact Karpman and meet him at a nearby
Starbucks coffee shop. Karpman met with Sheridan, who was wired with a radio
transporter, inside the Starbucks. Sheridan tried to get Karpman to take
possession of the bookbag but he refused and when pressed further by Sheridan he
suggested she flush the drugs down the toilet. Karpman of course knew of
Clapper's arrest and was an experienced drug dealer so he was leery of a set-up.

17. Karpman was immediately ARRESTED by a SWAT team from Tampa as he left the
Starbucks. His Mercedes was impounded and his house was searched. Inside the
house many illegal drugs and drug accessories were seized, they also found some
$13,000 in cash hidden behind a hot water heater.

18. On the 30th, Karpman, from jail, indicated that he would cooperate with the
DEA. With his prominent and well-connected Clearwater, Florida attorney, DOUGLAS
DEVLAMING, present he was interviewed by DEA agent JEB FAIRBY. As a sign of good
faith and cooperation Karpman indicated where they might find more drugs with-in
his house and garage. A search did turn up more drugs and other evidence from
the locations Karpman disclosed.

19. Clapper and the Detectives from the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department
traveled back to Wilmington and Clapper is placed once again back in jail.
Karpman REMAINED in Tampa.

20. Soon after returning to Wilmington, Capt. Causey and Lt. Pulley make plans
to go (sneak) back down to Tampa, again UNANNOUNCED and with-out the knowledge
of any Tampa authorities, to take Karpman from the Tampa jail to a near-by bank.
Karpman was to take money from his personal safety deposit box. On July the 10th
Detective Robinson of TPD received an anonymous call alerting them to Causey and
Pulley's plan to obtain the money and release Karpman from jail.

21. The Tampa detectives and DEA agents surprised Causey and Pulley at their
hotel room and after some stuttering and stammering Capt. Causey told a tale of
their reason for being in Tampa. They claimed they were on an ERRAND for
Karpman's North Carolina attorney THOMAS HICKS. They were to help Karpman get
money from Karpman's bank and deliver it to Hicks as a retainer for Karpman's
legal services. The following day, when the bank opened, Tampa and DEA
authorities, along with Karpman, went to the bank and took the $79,040 out of
the safety deposit box. DEA took custody of the money and sent Causey and Pulley
back to North Carolina with a stern admonition and advised them that their
actions would be under investigation. A charge so serious against the two
principle arresting drug agents could seriously hinder the efforts of the
prosecuting attorney to obtain a conviction for any connected cases pending.

22. On April 1, 2002, Jonathan Karpman was FREE of all charges and turned loose
on society. His charges were dropped.

23. Karpman, an admitted major TRAFFICKER in "designer" drugs, a man with
possible connections to an Israeli, TAMER ADEL IBRAHIM, the man identified by
Customs as head of a major drug importation ring, a man who was instrumental in
the certain brain damage of untold scores of young men and women not to mention
the compromised national security due to the selling of drugs to our nations
military soldiers, a man who was willing to give up $73,000 to his captors in a
secret CORRUPT way for some reason we can only suspect as a way to get out of
trouble and to be set free. Was the evidence tainted? Was the State's case
subverted by some illegal influence with-in a corrupt conspiracy?

24. FBI Special Agent SCOTT CHANEY of Tampa has the matter under current

25. A FOOTNOTE to those interested in justice, all others arrested in this
report cooperated fully with the courts and law enforcement officials. US Marine
Scott Davis, the buyer, received 12-14 years (in the military you serve every
day of the sentence) in prison, Marcus Clapper, who turned in his best friend
and used his girlfriend as bait to catch Karpman, received a sentence of 35 - 42
months (out in less than 10 months) in prison and Dustin Snider who held onto
the bookbag received a suspended sentence and some 4 years of probation along a
felony conviction and the loss of rights and freedom as a result of that
conviction. And Karpman, the big dealer, escapes maybe a bit poorer but
otherwise unblemished.

Further investigations into other corruption allegations are soon to come, we
are looking into the following:

A. Arrest of NORWOOD CREECH, aka Jack Creech in March of 1997 and the seizing
of a million dollars in cash. Mr. Creech says a large amount of the cash seized
was missing from total. Claims law enforcement agents stole it from the
confiscated cash. Creech arrested by Causey's Vice and Narcotics Department.

B. TERRELL PARLATORE, the Vice and Narcotics Division's secretary was arrested
for trafficking cocaine and altering evidence. The investigation turned up
unaccounted for and missing drugs from evidence lock-up. One bundle, a pound and
a half of cocaine, is unaccounted for today. Anyone talk to her about how she
got set-up?

C. Longtime Causey friend and former North Carolina Secretary of Transportation
and political operative GARLAND G. GARRETT, JR. was indicted by a federal grand
jury on 246 counts of money laundering and fraud. Garrett's troubles relate back
to the mid-1990's. Mr. Garrett owned and operated Cape Fear Music in Carolina
Beach. Mr. Causey the man in charge of investigating crimes of vice never so
much as issued a parking ticket to the "Godfather" of video poker. Asleep at the
wheel or something corrupt?

D. A look into the missing DWI files of BRIAN CAUSEY, Sid Causey's son. The
clerk of courts can not locate the two previous citations for arrest of Brian
Causey. Seems Brian never had to appear in court for those citations. This
investigation could create a problem with the younger Causey's recent and third
arrest for DWI by Trooper John Ludlum of the State Highway Patrol. The matter is
currently pending a hearing in the New Hanover County Courthouse. Not to mention
the who, what, where and how the previous two DWI's went missing from the clerk
of courts office.

Why are we doing this?

26. We, I, me, us are doing this because it is time to pierce that fat oozing
boil of corruption here in New Hanover County. And I will start with the first
person I know of that got away with trying to corrupt the basic American
freedom, the free election of governmental officials (sorry I wasn't in Florida
when Bush stole the election from Gore). I believe Mister Sid Causey intended to
disrupt the ethics of the election process by trying to basically buy out (buy
out with tax payers money I might add) his competition by offering them
financial gain and prominent position of favor and I do not believe his motives
were based on friendship or some WWJD Christian ethics. Take a look at Section 3
of the 14th Article of the Bill of Rights. In these times when we are at war
fighting terrorists who are financed with drug money (how long have we been in a
drug war?) perhaps it is unconstitutional to elect someone who has aided and
given comfort to the enemy.

27. Unfortunately I do not have the money to purchase a media conglomerate to
express my views and slant like a Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch can. I do not
have a Rush Limbaugh or a Ralph Nader to speak for me. I, we, me, us are alone
and must fight best we can to stop corruption and it's comfortable throne of

28. I am sorry to seem to single out Mr. Causey, I am sure there may be bigger,
badder, fish to fry but Causey was an easy catch. Some of you can rest assure
that I, in secret, thank you for your help with this report.

29. After learning the hard way about Enron, Martha Stewart, AOL Time Warner,
Merck, Xerox, Kmart, Worldcom et al and seeing first hand the injustice done to
America by greed and corruption I guess you could say I snapped. Thank God I
wasn't one of the pensioners that has to go back to work now that they are 70.
But I was victim none-the-less, perhaps others of you were. And it stinks don't
it? So what can we do about all the injustices, all the corruption?

30. We can fight the corruption and the secrets and the lies. And we can expose
the evil by starting at home, binding together in mass and speaking out and
expressing ourselves to a truth and justice we fought for some 225 years ago by
liberating ourselves from the power of the oppressors.

31. Imagine if you will a powerful "good ole' boy's" network of fellow power
grabbers that date back to the days of the post civil war era of reconstruction,
when democrats actually killed people who organized against them. Imagine the
corruption. Imagine the corruption of the once popular Sheriff Millis, a card
carrying member of the KKK and how he was supported and praised by our community
in the 60's. Imagine the corruption of previous Sheriffs who turn blind eyes
time and time again, who rack up fines and costly penalties from their own
incompetence (putting it lightly) and imagine the current Sheriff's corruption
by wasting taxpayers money as he sits at Salt Works Restaurant all morning
sipping coffee and then napping at home, waiting out his retirement while
promoting a man of questionable history to steer his ship.

32. Imagine if you will that Mr. Jonathan Karpman has connections with the
Israeli smuggler Tamer Adel Ibrahim or with some of the "art students" the DEA
and Justice Department officials are convinced are spies (go to
http://www.911-strike.com/dea-il-spy.htm for more information). It is well known
that the drug ecstasy comes primarily from the Netherlands and is controlled by
the Israeli underworld, sold perhaps by the government of Israel to finance
covert spy operations. Is it a coincidence that several of the Israeli "art
students" lived in Florida a couple of blocks from Mohammed Atta, the leader of
the terrorists that participated in the destruction of the World Trade Center
and the attempt against the destruction of the Pentagon. Did those "students"
have prior knowledge of the attacks? Why were they so interested in our Federal
buildings and the homes of the DEA and Justice officials? Why spy on the DEA in
Tampa? Imagine if that money gained from the drugs sold by Karpman went to
finance the enemies of our post 9/11 events. Imagine the concentrated efforts by
someone or group that targeted our soldiers in the Marine Corps. Imagine if the
drug ecstasy was used as a chemical weapon against our youth, our young
servicemen threatening our national security. The drug is said, by medical
reports, to cause certain brain damage the very first time a person takes
ecstasy. No other drug is so damaging the first time. Imagine the pill being
substituted for a more lethal drug, something like DHTTC-22 (a new drug creeping
into the drug mainstream) that mimics and is sold as ecstasy but is much more
powerful and longer lasting thus many times more dangerous. Imagine why a
marginally competent, simple plea bargaining type lawyer from Wilmington would
charge $79,000 to handle a drug case as simple as Karpman's (with his high
dollar Dutch descendant lawyer from Clearwater Karpman was cooperating with the
DEA with-in a day after his arrest ). Imagine why a Captain in charge of a drug
investigation so sensitive that 2 years worth of work by the Naval Criminal
Investigative Services would be at risk if any improprieties were to leak out
about any of the operation's investigators. Imagine a user getting 14 years in
prison and the dealer gets no time, not even a conviction. Imagine the
conspiracy it takes to cover-up blatant bribery and attempts at corrupting the
electoral system by the perpetrator Causey, the District Attorney's Office, the
acting Sheriff, the leaders and law makers that could have demanded an
investigation. Imagine you and me sitting in front of the TV not thinking about
anything except the weather, whats for supper and whether we will get the West
Nile Virus from our skeeter bites.

33. By turning a blind eye to the drug traffickers we support FARC in Columbia,
we support the Israeli MOSSAD network of clandestine operations and one-sided
global politics by dusting off a major dealer in ecstasy. We support those who
would want our nation's youth to suffer brain damage that we have no idea what
the long term ramifications could be for us later. By allowing corruption
with-in the system that fights and protects us from these evils we in turn
become an evil ourselves, a participant to the shame. Shame caused to us by the
corruption with-in our own walls, our communities, our families and our church.
The transgressions of those with whom we have placed our trust are
transgressions that are the harshest of all transgressions. Those transgressors
are the enemy, they are the ones that feed on the weak and trick the innocent,
they are the devil or at the very least his servant.

34. So get your own web site, develop your own list of email addresses and let
people know how sick you are of something, anything, just let your voice be
heard. Call in talk radio, write letters to the editor, run for office yourself.
Take part in America's liberties and express your opinion. But get your facts
straight first, educate yourself, listen to those that want to talk and get
organized with your thoughts. The organization is the hardest part, figure out
what you want to fight first cause you can't tackle everything at once. Then go
fight it.

35. Now a quick message to the authorities that may want to know who I, we, us
are I would suggest emailing us with a phone number and how and why we should
contact you. We will be happy to talk to you through our lawyer, informally, in
confidence, on any issue we have brought up. Some sources will have to be
protected but most are willing to talk. It is our understanding that we are
protected by privileges set forth by the First Amendment of the Constitution of
the United States of America, that state that "Congress shall make no law
respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise
thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of
the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress
of grievances".

36. It is our wish to remain anonymous because we don't wish to suffer a civil
battle brought on by those characters that wish us to shut-up and go away and
leave things as is. You have to admit some people are gonna be upset. So any
lawyer wishing to do battle and steal what I have remaining from the looting by
Wall Street I say go to hell, your greed will not survive against the truth.

[2/25/2002 7:35:27 PM sid causey]
Excerpts of taped conversation with Detective Wayne Robinson of the Tampa Police Department, a Detective in the narcotics department. Conversation recorded on Monday, February 25th at 735pm.

INTERVIEWER: Do you remember Sid Causey?

ROBINSON: oh yes

INTERVIEWER: I want to tell you that on February the 19th he filed to run for Sheriff of New Hanover County


INTERVIEWER: and I understand that he was down in Tampa in the year 2000 and an incident occurred

ROBINSON: thats correct

INTERVIEWER: I just wanted to ask you about the incident, I dont know if you can talk about it. Some of us have heard that he and Gene Pulley were down there doing some kind of investigation and some how attempted to relieve the city of Tampa of some 90 thousand dollars

ROBINSON: Something like that. I'm not real comfortable discussing something... I have nothing to hide.. I can tell you that the internal affairs Major called down here not long ago and I told him with all due respect I wasn't going to discuss it with him. reason being , I read the Wilmington Star from time to time since this incident came about. Seems these same three guys all got promoted, all there in a little group. This Major was the one that called, he prefaced the beginning of the conversation because I avoided him for a couple of weeks, I don't remember his name off the top of my head, if I heard it I would remember it...


ROBINSON: Yes, it appeared that as an outsider looking at the newspaper on the internet, that the three, Pulley.. three .. three of them got moved up.. I told Smithy cause he prefaced the conversation, he said I don't want to discuss what happened down there in Florida, I want to know who was it that you know.. who the leak was up there that , they already knew, they just wanted me to put a nail in the guys coffin and I talked to my department and.. I don't want to get involved in this but if they want to subpoena me...
I wish there was a proper forum for me.. I told Smithy .. well Smithy told me, he said I don't want to discuss the incident that happened I want to discuss who it was you were talking to up here about it, thats when I told him with all due respect I wasnt going to discuss it... what he wanted me to.. the way I found Causey was I got an anonymous phone call in the middle of the night saying he was back down here and this was going on... do I know who called me? No I do not. Do I suspect? I think it came from down there in the department. Thats what started all this. I think he wanted me to give that up and I didn't want to do the guy so I talked to my department and they said you are not obligated to talk to the guy, if they subpoena me its one thing but when he told me he didn't want to discuss the incident maybe they want to investigate Causey, but I doubt it

INTERVIEWER: Yes thats right, there has been some scuttle butt that they were looking for who called you and gave you that information

ROBINSON: Thats right thats what it appeared that they were looking for and I told them I wouldn't be a party to that.

INTERVIEWER: I was calling to see if that was true... did they get a sum right around $90,000 illegally and were getting ready to leave town? Thats why I was calling

ROBINSON: I just got to make sure I don't tell you any more than what was documented. I did a Tampa police department police report, I document these facts. I sent them up there in the hopes that the person up there that had a reason to leak this out would have done so with my police report. In the police report, you dont put what you think happened . I went, Causey was there with Pulley, why were they there, they were there to get a sum of money and it was in the 80's and they were there to get the defendant out of our jail, to take up there, it seemed improper. The facts were that I had the DEA with me, cause I thought I was going to run into a problem. I could see that we were going to run into a pissing duel between Causey and I and thats what happened. The DEA stepped in and said we will take care of the money and we will take care of it from there. That eliminated him from doing anything any more unethical. That is documented in the Tampa police report which is public information and you are more than welcome to get that.

(back and forth talk about how to obtain the report the Robinson continues)

ROBINSON: Maybe I shouldn't have gotten involved in this but by the same token the guy basically.. you know.,.. I think the guy has a lot of problems. but I'm here im just a TPD cop I cant do anything up there in North Carolina, I used to live in Wilmington, thats why ... I do package interdiction, I do mail, UPS and stuff with a dog and one day I got a box of ecstasy going to Wilmington, I called Wilmington got a hold of a narc and said hey you guys want to do a delivery? And they did and it made a big splash in the Morning Star I saw it and they got the guy on a bunch more.. LSD.. there at Wrightsville Beach everyone was happy. So that was getting his dope from down here and the Sgt. said I know a guy in Tampa let's get his source so he just reciprocated and the next thing I know I got Causey... I dont mind telling you there were some other things Causey did, he went out and picked up 10 ounces of cocaine with out telling anybody, he turned that over to me... the guys has some problems.. is it poor judgment? or does he mean well? ... so I didn't do anything to the guy.. I mean I trusted him.. my folks brought me up to believe you trust someone and respect them till they give you a reason not to and I did and ... well thats what happened.. my State's Attorneys office has been up to Wilmington on this.. on that 10 ounces, that a Captain (Causey) stopped and picked up from a witness to give to me, I still dont understand that I think there's some monkey business there too, because the State Attorney's office, when they reviewed that case, I charged the kid that they picked that up from and Causey didn't want me to charge him for some reason, I don't know why, but whenever that came about the State's Attorney's office reviewing it said we got a better charge against the Captain (Causey) than we do the kid. Is the Captain (Causey) a DEA agent? No. All these other things.. that was documented in the report too. That Causey shows up with ten ounces of cocaine... I listed him as a witness and you know.. and suspiciously enough the kid ****** THE FOLLOWING FEW SECONDS WAS UNITELLIGIBLE ***** the case would disappear. I was hoping that would come and that they would call Causey as a witness down here and let him explain why he did that but it went away. I don't want to sound... I don't have anything good to say about him .. I really feel out of place trying to throw jabs at him from down here, But I can provide you with the police reports and you can take it from there.

(talked about the medias interest and how the ball got dropped)

ROBINSON: I can tell you the DEA here and in Wilmington they don't want anything to do with this and they were the middle men, because I wanted somebody to come with me. Not only did I bring the DEA agent, I brought his supervisor, out in the middle of the night, I said I got a real bad feeling about this, I went out there in the middle of the night, Pulley and Causey were there, they didn't have the money with them they were going the next day to go up to the safe deposit box WITH the defendant, who they were bonding out of jail here to go clean out the safe deposit box and then go back to Wilmington.

INTERVIEWER:What were they going to do with the defendant? Leave him there?

ROBINSON: No, bring him up, they were going to transport him too, which I know was a lie, the previous defendant was extradited, they took him through the Marshall service on the ten day route by bus to get him there, Causey's goin to take this guy back in his car???

INTERVIEWER: Something sad going on huh?

ROBINSON: Just seems improper, I don't know how you guys do business up there, the way you do business up there in Wilmington maybe different so I didn't question, whatever they wanted to do. I gave them $13,000 the first time, they came down several times, I said to my Sgt.. Wilmington did the work on this, this is there case, there information and this $13,000 and a bunch of junk, cars and this stuff and sarge said just give it to them... and thats the first thing Causey threw in my face, I didn't think yall would be interested you didn't want it before...

INTERVIEWER: So they just kinda slipped into town is that it?

ROBINSON: Apparently so, into the same hotel they were in when they came down with the whole squad, you know.. it just seemed kinda sleazy.

(ended up with chit chat about how to get the police reports)

TPD report numbers: